How to make your website mobile friendly for SEO

With many search engines such as Google focusing more on mobile-friendliness of websites, it is the appropriate time for you to make your site mobile
friendly. In 2016, the usage of mobile internet surpassed usage of computers. The use of smartphones has since then increased the usage of mobile internet by a
significant margin. Smartphone have become part and parcel of our daily lives. Mobile users now want their experience to be optimized for their smartphones.
Many clients revealed that they would not return to sites that do not load well on mobile devices. Furthermore, Google included mobile-friendliness as one of
the ranking factors for websites in search results. If you are based in the UK, then you should hire SEO SERVICE LONDON expert to make your site more
Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
This article will give you a few actionable steps that you can take to enhance the experience of your mobile visitors as discussed below:
Make your Site Responsive
A responsive website is one that provides the same information and content regardless of the device that you use to access it, but it only changes the way it is
arranged and displayed based on the size of the screen available. Making your mobile site friendly does not limit the content that your mobile customers can
access compared to desktop users.
Use Large Font Sizes
Reading content on a small screen can be harder especially if the font size is small. It is advisable to use font sizes of 14 Pixels on your website page, but you
need to test if first to see how it will turn out. You need to use standard fonts always unless advised otherwise.
Compress Your CSS and Images
Speaking of website loading times, you will always want your site to load faster especially on mobile devices. Speed is an essential element for mobile users.
That implies that another step of making your mobile site friendly is by compressing things that occupy more space and reduces your sites loading speeds. Hire
the best SEO Service UK experts to make your site mobile friendly today.
Talk to seo experts in the uk, then we can make your site mobile friendly to enhance the experience of your mobile visitors. If you are searching for
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